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Bowie Live

The Best Bowie Show On Planet Earth

Obsessive Bowie fanatics Bowie Live are bringing a spectacular new show to the worldwide stage in 2022.

Bowie Live is the highly anticipated new production from some of the
UK’s finest musicians, performers, artists and technicians.
Incendiary and stunningly accurate live performances of Bowie’s greatest
records are performed by a razor sharp band led by the eerily authentic presence of the Rock’n’ Roll Alien himself,

transporting you back through space and time to 1976 and 2004.

This is your ticket to the Bowie shows no one ever got to see!

This unrivalled portrayal of Bowie’s music and performance is illuminated
by a backdrop of intense visuals and captivating dance performances all
drawn from Bowie’s rich body of work from Space Oddity to Lazarus.

Producer, musical chameleon & counterfeiter Steve Evans,

takes on the role of Bowie in the live shows.

”I have been listening to Bowie all my life so this show came
naturally and was a joy to create. The cast members of Bowie Live are all
experts in their fields, and we agreed from day one that this was a legacy
that had to be curated with love, care and attention to detail…”

Steve’s work in the music and advertising industries has taught him how to dismantle, analyse, create and recreate recordings… and also how to
inhabit vocal personas and styles. Making records with vocal legends like
Robert Plant, Siouxsie Sioux, Alison Goldfrapp and Petula Clark has
taught him much about what makes a vocal performance iconic.

“We look forward to performing this amazing show to Bowie fans
and the ‘Bowie-curious’ around the world as we come together to
remember, and celebrate Bowie’s life, unique talent, and the monumental
gift of his music”.

“Take this imaginary trip with us - just for one day…”

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